How long do your hosting plans last for?
Plans last for 1 year, however you can pay per month, where the hosting will continue to run until you stop the contract.

How do I access my control panel?
Your control panel can be accessed by going to

Where can I find your terms of service?
Our Terms of Service can be found here Is the bandwidth listed in your plans per year or per month? All of our plans include a monthly quota of bandwidth

How do I configure my email client to receive email?
In your control panel automatic configuration scripts can be found for Outloook Express, or, the POP3 server address is and the username and password for the email account are either your master username and password or the exact username and password which you created with the email box in your control panel

Why can't I send email through your SMTP server?
When sending email make sure that your email client is authenticating with our SMTP server with a correct username and password. It may also be restricted by your ISP, you could try changing your outgoing mail server port to 26.

Can I customize my hosting plan?
Yes, just contact us for a quote for extra bandwith, web space, email accounts or databases

Where can I get support for my hosting account?
Support can be obtained on our support page

I already have a domain, how can I host it on your servers?
Simply contact support for the nameserver details for your domain.

How can I setup personal nameservers?
Your registrar should include an option to register personal nameservers for your domain, all you need to do is contact support for our nameserver IPs and then input these at your registrar.

If I decide to move my domain away from you later will you charge me?
No we will not charge you any fees to move your domain away from our services.

What if somebody hacks into your server, will they be able to access my credit card information?
No. We do not store credit cards on our servers. We use Paypal and, Inc. as an authorized retailer of goods and services provided All About Internet Hosting Limited. These both use SSL encryption to prevent credit card fraud.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at


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